Ensures Educational Excellence
Ensures Educational Excellence

Tuition-Free K-8 Idaho Virtual School

Welcome to Emmett Academy

Are you looking for a way to have greater involvement in your child’s education and greater control over the learning environment? A virtual education offers both. Emmett Academy is a tuition-free alternative offering the world-renowned Calvert Education curriculum. The ability to offer your child a classic, comprehensive, high-quality education is just a click away.

The Benefits of Emmett Academy

  • Tuition-free access to the time-tested, accredited Calvert program
  • Self-paced program that moves at your child’s speed
  • Flexible schedule that works with your child and your family
  • Outstanding support from both Idaho and Calvert teachers
  • Blend of print and online resources to keep your child engaged
  • Access to Verticy Learning, a specialized curriculum designed to help struggling readers

Why we chose Calvert Education’s Curriculum

The quality of Calvert’s curriculum has been proven by students in all 50 states and over 100 countries. This accredited curriculum provides an education that will challenge your child and prepare him or her for future success. Students in public, private, virtual, charter and international schools, as well as students learning independently at home, have used the Calvert curriculum for over a century. We carefully evaluated all of the curriculum partners for Emmett Academy, and are confident that you and your student will be pleased with Calvert.